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Welcome to Hemato-Oncology Clinic   Vedanta Diagnostics
Welcome to the Hemato-Oncology Clinic of Ahmedabad. . It is the only clinic in Gujarat which provides comprehensive treatmentof cancers and hematological diseases; it also boasts of a superb diagnostic lab and clinical research facility. The team of dedicated doctors of the clinic is also involved in highly complex research and some of them have been credited with commendable break-throughs in the field.more
The Vedanta Diagnostics Centre also serves as aservice laboratory to clinical researchers in hospitals which are part of the clinical research centres' network. In the medium to long term, the centre will focus on developing new molecular diagnostic tests and kits and to generate genomic databases for infectious diseases; developing new diagnostic tests including application of molecular techniques for diagnosis of various inborn error of metabolic diseases; and using molecular techniques and mutational analysis of moremore
Hematology & Oncology
The Hematology Program offers comprehensive services for the treatment of children, adolescents and adults with acute and chronic blood diseases. The program includes general hematology services, the hemato-oncology clinic and centre for blood disorders. It continues to explore and use novel therapies to treat diseases like the sickle cell anemia and also offers outpatient moremore
Day Care Chemotherapy
We have a one-bed centre on the ground floor of the hospital, run by a fully trained staff comprised of 6 chemotherapy sisters under supervision of oncologist. It is utilised for chemotherapy administration on day care basis, Intrathecal chemotherapy administration, diagnostic and therapuetic procedures like pleural, ascitic tapping etc. and catheter care clinic. moremore
Clinical Research
The Clinical Research Centre at Vedanta provides resources for support of a wide array of clinical research studies. The use of the centre is justified on the basis of three criteria: first, the quality and significance of the research; second, the special need for the Centre's common facilities; third, the common usefulness or collective justification for facilities or personnel.moremore
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